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Papa Emeritus III, or Terzo, was the third frontman for the band Ghost. He, too, sings about Satan but he does it sexily. Holding your hand and gazing into your eyes (sexily).
He joined the band in 2015 with the release of Meliora, after his older brother Papa Emeritus II (Secondo) was fired from his position for not respecting the traditional rules of the church. His era was when the band really started picking up traction. He actually won a Grammy for Cirice! Unfortunately, the fame went to his head and he was forcibly removed from his position as Papa. In 2018, he was killed along with his brothers. RIP Terzo, he lives on in my heart.

Birthday: No fucking clue man.
Age: like... 60?
Height: 5' 8"
Died: YEAH :(
Theme: He Is - Ghost (duh)

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me x terzo real /j.....?

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