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Finally working on this website again after like. Two weeks. Whoopsies.

Don't even ask why I haven't done anything with this place in while, cause I really don't know. I got caught up in watching Buffy, and then I just sort of lost all the motivation to make anything on here. *sob sob*
That's pretty much all that's been going on as of late, Buffy Binging. I've been drawing a lot of Spike - ever since Oz left and he became good(?) he's been my favorite - and a lot of goofy doodles since I can't be bothered to make any full pieces. Blegh, art block. Lame.
I'm getting new glasses next Thursday, which is fun if you're me and you don't have a life, and in a month, I'll be going to the Renaissance Fair as the 10th Doctor! Very excited for that, as it'll be my first Ren Fair, but I am also petrified because I'm autistic and I don't do well in loud, populated areas. (Disneyland was a mixed experience for me.)
BUT! I'm happy regardless! The suit's a bit big, but I'm sure I'll make it work. Probably.

Anywho! Have a good day :)



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First diary entry! Huzzah! Hoorah! Other excited words!

I've never really done anything like this before. To be honest, I'm not exactly sure what the appeal of interweb diaries are - you're all strangers, and I doubt you care very much about my personal life, boring as it may be. But I'm making one anyway cause I WANT TO! :)
Not much has happened today, or in my life at all recently. I've mostly just been working on this website for the past week-ish and watching Buffy episodes in between. I'm definitely not bored anymore, at least!
However, I am getting my hair cut tomorrow! That's... the most exciting thing happening all week. Even so, my excitement is still kicking! This'll be the most I've cut my hair in a good 2 years, and change is not a typical thing for me, so you can understand why I feel this way about hair of all things.

That's pretty much all. See you guys later, probably? I'm not really sure how to end this.


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