"We all die, my strange little child friend. It's just a matter of how and when."
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Robin Buckley is a character from the series Stranger Things. She's a lesbian and she's cool and definitely autistic and so so me-core.
We first meet her in Starcourt Mall, working at Scoops Ahoy with Steve Harrington. She comes off as sort of snarky and sarcastic, especially towards Steve, but throughout S3 we get to watch as their friendship blossoms. Trauma bonding is real, guys. In S4, she is authentically Robin - awkward, sensory averse and totally in love with Vickie Nancy.

Birthday: March 10th, 1968
Age: 18 (as of 1986/season 4)
Height: 5' 8"
Gay?: YES.
Theme: To Love a Boy - Maya Hawke

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