"Jesus rode in on an ass. ...Your mother's ass."
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Cardinal Copia, or Papa Emeritus IV, is the current frontman for the band Ghost. He sings about Satan and the impending end of our society and also how cool rats are! He's a very varied man.
Joining the band in 2018 after Papa Emeritus III's sudden removal, Copia is the only frontman of the band to have lasted two albums - Prequelle, in the position of Cardinal, and IMPERA, after being promoted to Papa. His presence on stage has evolved greatly over time, and he's achieved more confidence now than ever before.

Birthday: 1969???
Age: 52-53
Height: 5' 8"
Died: Not yet...
Theme: Rats - Ghost (duh)

Fav Ships

me x copia real /j.....?

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