I don't need friends, I've got slaying to do.

Frankie. Awkward Teen. Scorpio. They/He

Hey hi ho! Welcome to my about page. You may be asking yourself, why does this site exist? And why is it littered with Buffy gifs and terrible CSS coding?
Well, this site exists because I was bored. Not much to do as a high schooler with virtually no social life living in the middle of a worldwide pandemic, right? I figured I'd take up coding again after almost 2 years of not making much, and it's been a lot of fun!

Granted, it's also been extremely aggravating. I've been coding with HTML for 4-ish years - I learned about it on DeviantArt - but this is my first time ever really doing much with CSS. It's been annoying yet enlightening and amazing to see everything coming together.
Also, it's Buffy themed because I was obsessed with the show in January. Deal with it.

Fun Frankie Facts

Zodiacs: Scorpio sun, Aries moon, Capricorn rising
Favorite Color(s): Red/Green/Purple
Favorite Food: Ham and cheese sandwiches (subject to change)
Favorite Animal: The aardwolf!
Favorite Video Games: Punch Out!! for the Wii, Mario Kart, Undertale, Miitopia/Tomodachi Life
Favorite TV Shows: BtVS (obv), MLP:FiM, Doctor Who, Community, Gravity Falls, HIMYM, New Girl, Modern Family, Star Trek: The Next Generation, Stranger Things
Favorite Movies: The Austin Powers movies, Labyrinth, The Rocky Horror Picture Show, Scream, The Pagemaster, The Goonies, Spree, Clue
Now playing: Rainbow Road - Mario Kart Wii
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